Vision & Mission

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My life Vision

To live out my God Story

My Mission

To daily dedicate my talents, gifts and skills to God, People and Country

My Posture

A King and A priest, my life is about influence, impact and nurturing

My mantra

Live Life abundantly, Trust God explicitly and have Hope unwavering

Joyful, I live in the moment and for the moments, I live and let live, I deliberately and daily choose to enjoy and live life abundantly in Christ Jesus and I live for others- pouring out that which the Father has filled me up with.

Wide eyed, I choose to trust God knowing that nothing can separate me from God’s love and that’s more than enough for me to know that He’s got me. 

I am a prisoner of Hope, a Hope monger, a marketer of Hope. My favorite verse Romans 8:28 says to me that all things are working together for my good. Life is tough but hope keeps me going.

My goal in life has always been to discover and fulfil God’s ultimate plans and purpose for my life: Live full, Die empty.